Subs & Payments

The Group has generally not engaged in significant fund raising activities – instead we rely very heavily on subscriptions to cover the running costs of the Group. Our costs are mainly for the hire of the Village Hall for our meetings and the ‘Capitation’ payment that goes to ‘Headquarters’ for the running of the Scout Association at National, County & District levels. We also have expenses related to providing the programmed activites each week – such as craft materials, cooking ingredients, badges and occasionally supporting one off activities (eg watersports). The Group also needs to maintain and replace equipment used for camps and other activities.

Payment of subscriptions (Form available to download here)

From the start of the Autumn term 2015 the way subscriptions are paid will change. Parents have the option to make one payment for the year ahead or to pay monthly by standing order.

The subscription charge is £90 per child per year but we are offering a discount of £10 if you choose to pay one year’s subscription as a lump sum (£80) by September 15th. No part of this lump sum will be refundable. If you decide to pay by standing order your first payment should be made on 1st September 2015. If you use internet banking, this letter should contain all the information you need to set-up the payments. If you’d prefer your bank to set up the payments then please complete the attached form and take it to your branch. Any parent or carer who is unable to pay by standing order or a lump sum will need to discuss this with the relevant group leader.

Standing Order

The monthly payments have been calculated by dividing the total cost of subs for the year (£90) by 12, giving a monthly payment of £7.50 per child. The monthly payments correspond to the termly cash/cheque payments as shown below. If you have more than one child you will need to increase your monthly payment accordingly (e.g. if you have two children the monthly payment would be £15; three children £22.50; four children £30). Parent helpers will only pay £3.75 per month per child.

Term Months
Summer May June July August
Autumn September October November December
Spring January February March April

When your child leaves the group you will need to cancel the standing order. However, please ensure that you do not cancel until all of the monthly payments for the term in which your child left have been made (e.g. if your child decides not to return after the summer break, the standing order should be cancelled from September). If you do forget to cancel or have overpaid, please request a refund from the Group Treasurer.

Please use the following details to set up your payment. The payment reference should be your child’s surname, followed by their first initial, followed by -SGSG. For example, the reference for a scout called John Smith would be “SMITHJ-SGSG”. Please return the slip below to your leader when the groups start back in September to confirm that you have set up the standing order.

Payments should be made to:


LLOYDS BANK                    

SORT CODE 30-96-20                     



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